Oregon chainsaw chain file size chart

oregon chainsaw chain file size chart Dolmar. 7/32 Chain pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two. AdvanceCut Saw Chain - 45 Link The Oregon R45 AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain is a The Oregon R45 AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain is a 12 in. 050") 91PX - Low Profile 1. With a 36-inch length and waist, this orange colored piece of safety clothing is designed and created by a very reputable brand known for its innovative and affordable produ Powered by a 50cc 2-cycle engine, the Poulan Pro PR5020 chainsaw is powerful and very easy to start and operate. 404 the largest for 90cc+ saws Maintaining Your Chain Saw The following Oregon products are available for sharpening saw chain cutters. 25. But Oregon says: The correct file size for the 90 series chain is the 4. The main types of files are the 4mm, 4. 063 Divide this distance by two • bar itself. 3mm). 00 $14. The pitch measurement for an MS 290 chainsaw is either 0. Fits any Bar stamped 3/8 Low Profile . H. GB. 10SC Remington Polesaw chain & Remington chainsaw chain, the 10SC is a 10" Saw Chain that replaces the following part numbers: 091371, 091371S, 091371s, 0913715, 091371-03, 091371-03S, 091371-03s, 091371-035 Our most versatile gas model features a 42cc engine and comes with a sprocket-tipped 16-inch bar and low-kickback chain for trimming and pruning medium to large-size branches. Items 1 - 47 of 47 Oregon bar and chain measuring tool. Oregon has several gauges of saw chain, . 325″, 3/8″, 3/8″ low profile, and . locknut pn 427826 new (box 114) Buy chainsaw chains at Screwfix. The chain tells us it is an Oregon chain. Need to find out the difference in these 2 products so I can deter … read more Round file 3/8", 5. Oregon®91PX chain is a blue-label chain; it meets the low-kickback performance requirements of ANSI B175. Product Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains, Guide Bars & Accessories Guide. 3/8 stays sharper longer and is easier to sharpen than . Bar Grove Size D. All chainsaw chains have these 5 parts, however there are variations to them, and these variations determine the size and type of the chain. Insert the file into the file guide and tighten the wingnuts. STIHL saw chains and guide bars are developed in house along with engine units to enable components to work together seamlessly, for the perfect cut in wood. 27 mm) Drive Links. 325 pitch chain uses a 3/16” round file but a 1/8” thick grinding wheel. 6mm) <p>Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 23. If you don't want to rely on purely optical alignment aids when sharpening the chain, the STIHL file holder guide is the ideal tool. 050 4 Pitch Sizes - 3/8 Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, Model# G-106B; 0. 063," . 5 hours, by the end of which the chain was stating to loose its edge a little, although still cutting well enough Nov 15, 2020 · If the chain snaps back after pulling it for 1/8 in. The cutting angle can vary anywhere from 25-30 degrees depending on the type of chain. Husqvarna 14in Laminated 3/8p 050g Chainsaw Bar 52dl. 5 Set your file in the notch on the front of the cutter. The 0. " Oregon®chain gauges of . Oregon R55 Stihl MS180C 90PX055G 61PMM-55. Proper sharpening and maintenance ensures that your chainsaw and saw chain continue to run smooth, cut fast, and last longer. Also known as wheel dresser. Begin by sharpening the shortest or dullest cutter. it's physical size), followed by  19 Jun 2020 People also ask, how do I know what size file for my chainsaw chain? You then match that number to the file size that is listed on the file chart. 6. Com: stihl 5605 007 1028 complete saw chain filing kit. It comes equipped with a 4 1/4 x 1/8-inch grinding wheel and 7/8-inch arbor. This is a must have item when sharpening chainsaw chains. #Step 2. 043") 91P - Low Profile - 1. 0 mm), and 7⁄32 inch (5. Not using a chainsaw file size chart may lead to the saw to produce too much  You will need to know either the Id number or the pitch of the particular chain being Check out our review of the Oregon CS1500 self-sharpening chainsaw. 5" harbor freight 68862 Pole Saw pruner fits 9. Keeps your grinding wheels clean and shaped properly. Oregon recommends running them at. Stihl 009 Chainsaw (009) Parts Diagram Select a page from the Stihl 009 Chainsaw diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. 058”, . The problem with the Swedish Roller® on 90PX is the ramped depth gauge will interfere with the clearance, throwing the angles off. 11. Shea Feb 24, 2020 · The world famous Oregon brand has been in existence since 1947, and it is usually seen in guide bars, saw chains, forestry accessories, sprockets and outdoor equipment. If you have a chain with a chipper cutter, you will go for a round file. 69 1. 0 m) Round. 1mm) are used for Harvester applications. 50K. Round file - The round file is available in a variety of diameters to match your chain; common diameters can include 5/32, 3/16 and 7/32. 050: 52: 5/32: Laminate: 596009752: S93G X-Cut: 585422152: 240: 16" 3/8 Mini. 1 Powerhead Whether you’re felling, limbing or topping big trees, or trimming small ones – sharp, durable chainsaw chain makes all the difference. Carlton 3/4" The recommended size files are: 3/8LP and . Replacement chain (pitch = . Don’t use any chain other than what is recommended by Stihl. 95 SALE S62 Oregon 18" saw chain 3/8 Low profile pitch . 7 5. When the gauge is too small, you run the risk of throwing your chain, which can be quite **The suggested bar & chain types are based on the most common Original Equipment Combinations Chainsaw Model Bar Length Bar Type Chain Type Drive Links Chain Pitch Chain Gauge 12" HLI-280-45 H36-45 45 3/8" . 325", 3/8" & . Chainsaw Grinding Wheels All Sizes. 325 063 gauge; 22LPX Oregon chain . 45dl / 3/8"/ . 3/16" 3/8" 5. 3mm) Type 95 - . For over 33 years recognized as the leading supplier for carbide tipped chainsaw chains, Rapco Industries manufactures saw chains for typical and specialty cutting applications. 122" are used for Harvester applications. 5, but Oregon calls it 8 inch). 3 Oregon 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain; 1. 12. With seven models to choose from, there's a Shindaiwa chain saw that's right for you. Here at Northern Arb, we offer a selection of semi-chisel and full chisel replacement chainsaw chains. it's physical size), followed by one or two letters (indicating the chain's type, sequence and features), and finally (if it is a loop) another number (indicating the number of of drive links that the chain has). This kit comes with a 5/32 round file suitable for 3/8 low profile chain (Oregon 90,91 series). 4. Number of drive links 1. The number on the drive link says ’95’ and on the chart below we can see the pitch is . The Oregon PowerSharp feature takes the headache and hassles out of sharpening your chainsaw chain by allowing you to do it while the chain is still on the saw and perform this task in a matter of OMK70504 PACK OF 3 CHAINSAW ROUND FILE CHAIN SHARPENER 5/32" 4. 043 N4C 094-2007 R43S-1P 90SG 61PMN 357NKD 43RG SC RK 3/8" LP 0. Includes 090-232 side straps, 090-132 preset straps and pre-cut loop boxes; Chainsaw Gauge. 050: 52: 5/32: Laminate: 596009752 Mar 28, 2018 · If you're looking to sharpen the saw on your chainsaw, you might be wondering which size file is best. Looking for 40V MAX*? Nov 23, 2009 · The file size depends on what size chain your saw has on it. Chain Pitch B. Chains, bars, and sprockets can easily be replaced by the dealer or the owner, and the size of chain when the saw left the factory may not be the size of chain on the saw now. I use mine in an oregon jig that fits on the saw bar and can be set to the proper angle. FF1 File holder guide. 91PX chain is intended for use with electric, or small gasoline-powered saws up to 2. The safest chain is a sharp chain. 5. Chain Gauge C. 050 In. To measure the chainsaw blade itself is simple enough to do. File each tooth's raker height. 05 in, 3 /8 in Low Profile Pitch, Number of Links 52, Includes Sturdy Chain and Tough  29 Jan 2017 A wander through the various features that enable you to identify the correct file size to sharpen your chansaw correctly. California Proposition 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. DWO1DT616T. Sharpening Tool Description Size Part Number Notes Oregon 90PX045G 3/8" Low Profile . 3mm) Type 90 - 3/8" x . Chains. 1mm), . 7 out of 5 stars 369 $17. It can be mounted to a bench, wall, or vise, and adjusts to the most popular chain sizes. Timber tuff CS-BWM benchtop/wall mount electric chainsaw chain sharpener; 0. With Oregon chain. 404" Oregon M91VX Low Profile MultiCut Chains 3/8" Oregon M95VPX Micro-Lite MultiCut Chains . OREGON®  Everything you need to help you identify your chainsaw file. Chainsaw users and manufacturers all over the world depend on Oregon saw chain for outstanding, rugged performance. Pitch is the measurement between any three consecutive drive rivets divided by 2. chain pitch. Oct 18, 2020 · MCOP LTD. Chain lenght is 74 drive links. I would suggest buy what you want, keep them up(not that they are expensive), and cut. Huge selection of Oregon Saw Chains. Refer to the Chainsaw Models Chart on (pages 15 – 41) for fit up options. These chains make narrow kerf cuts which remove a small amount of material at a time, allowing them to work well with less power. Chain-Saw Guide-Bar-Model Description mm inch cm inch DOLMAR NUMBER DOLMAR NUMBER ME-246. 050 Gauge, Use 5/32 in. 5/32" (4mm) Oregon. The teeth also useless when it does not sharpen or never cut the wood. Please use the. Bar fits Husky T435, 338 XPT, 240 e-series & 240 Chainsaws. Whether you’re felling, limbing or topping big trees – sharp, durable chainsaw chain makes all the difference. 8 6. That said, I notice that most of my Stihl chains come from the factory sharpened at 35 degrees, zero offset. mymowerparts. The built-in chain vise adjusts to all chain designs and pitches to give you a precise, accurate angle of cut every time. Round file is designed for precise sharpening. 99 $5. Page. Zoro #: G2283827. 325 inch or 3/8 inch when Stihl's reduced kickback guide bar is used. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. 050 gauge 62 Drive Links $29. 3. Chain rotation rollers move the links forward while the vise stays in position to save you time. The moment that the chainsaw is switched on, it will start rotating. Easy handling and maintenance with convenient side Oct 14, 2020 · Oregon 5/32" (4mm) Chain Sharpening File & Guide (8566V) Chainsaw chain sharpening file and guide. Find genuine Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains & Guide Bars for all Husqvarna Chainsaws fast. Keeping the teeth sharp and the bar clean makes cutting much easier for the chain saw motor and operator. , then the tension is correct. Oregon Chainsaw File Guide — 3/16in. , 3/8 in. 1/4" Pitch Chains . 050″ or 1. As you sharpen chains the teeth get smaller and shorter in height as well, then they take less of a cut, then the rakers will need to be set. 050" Selecting a Chain. bars on the DEWALT® 60V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw (DCCS670). Archer. The chainsaw is attached to a bench and the chain is pulled through it. The brand of chain on your saw (you can usually find this on the joining links (tie straps) of your chain Email us at sales@jonoandjohno. 1mm) 55 DL. Pitch and gauge together determine the size of chain. 4 V8 stand. If an improper chain is used, serious injury can occur. 2mm) Round. Replacement Saw Chain is designed to fit 16 in. Husqvarna 545 triobrake operator's manual pdf. The Stihl 025 chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake that can be operated manually by the user, and it is also activated automatically by inertia when the hand guard in front of the handle moves suddenly toward the nose of the bar, as may happen when the saw kicks back. 0. 050 Chainsaw Pole Saw Chain 58DL 10" fits scale for making size saw chain The chain is sharp and can cut you even when it is not moving. Place one of the chain's depth gauges into the slot on the tool and file any portion that extends out of the slot flush with the top of the tool. Used in combination with an OREGON depth-gauge tool. HOME; NEW - 19HX CHAIN. Before you head out to the woods with your chain saw this fall, inspect your chain. A table will work fine for this job. 6 4. 043 or (1. (42cc or less) with bars up to 18" (45cm). 25AP (1. 99 High-quality and long-lasting chainsaw files are ideal for precise and optimal STIHL Chainsaw Chain & Bar Quick Reference Chart. OREGON 5/32-Inch (4. 33. Based on your answers, a recommended Guide Bar or Saw Chain will appear. Limited Warranty How to identify your chainsaw file. Chainsaw  Replacement Bar and Chain, Bar Length 14 in, File Size 5/32 in, Gauge 0. 3/8in MINI… Oregon 520-120 120V Bench Mounted Saw Chain Grinder, Professional Sharpener for Chainsaw Chains, Sharpens Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna Chains and More. File sizes to fit all Oregon saw chain are available. Type Style Pitch Gauge Carlton Silverstreak GB Oregon Stihl Sabre Windsor SC RK 3/8" LP 0. Aug 10, 2020 · The Oregon 14inch chain saw chain is designed with 52 drive links, a 3/8" pitch, and 0. 6mm) Type 72 - 3/8" x . Conditions which indicate the need for chain sharpening: S Reduction in size of wood chips. At any time you may start over by selecting the "start over" button. Toll Free:(800) 328-0303 Diamond Wheel Inc. The specs for the GreenWorks 16&quot; chainsaw chain are: Chain Pitch . Husqvarna Chainsaw 435 vs 440: A Comparison of Both the Models; Finding the Best Chainsaw Chain for Your Needs; 5 Best Chainsaw Under 500 Dollars Reviews 12 in. 7975 Stone Creek Drive Suite 10 Chanhassen, MN 55317. 83 cm). View all chainsaw sizes here The Oregon PowerSharp is a unique chainsaw sharpener that takes just seconds to sharpen all of the teeth on your saw, and is able to accommodate all sorts of different types of chainsaws, including Stihl, Olympyk, and Oleo-Mac Chainsaw chains are widely used by tree workers for cutting and pruning trees. File sizes for sharpening are available to fit all Oregon saw chain. ©2017 Oregon, Blount Inc. 325 050 gauge; 20LPX Oregon chain . Windsor. View Product. Full Skip Saw Chain. 90SG. 404". Please note that file sizes must match your saw chain (See Summary Specifications of Oregon Saw Chain table on this page). #Step 1. OREGON® chain is made in several pitches - 1/4", . If a chainsaw chain is allowed to become too loose, it can easily come off the bar during operation and create an unsafe situation for the user. Standard and CBN wheels are for steel chain while diamond wheels are for carbide only. Clark Forest, based at Parkgate near Dumfries in south west Scotland, have worked closely with the forestry industry since 1924 and supply a huge range of chainsaw, forestry and garden and logging equipment from the world's leading brands including Oregon, Pfanner, Protos, Ochsenkopf, Distein and EIA Bahco. 50 Sold Out! pioneer 3200 + chainsaw L. 1/4". 325” 3/16”(4. 063 gauge Ripping chain; 27RX Hyper skip Ripping chain . Chainsaw Chains . STIHL 2 In 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener 3/8" P; 0. book Seite -1 Donnerstag, 13. 3mm) Type 20 - . For having well furnished cutting we always busy with sharpen the chainsaw teeth and mostly forget to secure the proper angle of a tooth thus helps us for having excellent cut in a short while. Confirm Brake is Performing: Finally, before using the saw, check if the chain brake is working. 49 $ 17 . Aggressive cutting design. 95 if over *contiguous 48 states Please visit our new web site with shopping cart www. Select the file holder guide that matches the chain pitch and place it over the chain on the guide bar at an angle of 30°. A Stihl MS 250 chainsaw requires a specific chain. Stihl saw chain selection and identification. This is a brand new 8 inch Oregon chain (Note- Chicago Electric calls this 9. 080" (2mm) and . 325" gauge = . The range of files and accessories is available here. UT10640. Chain ID example 3 What size chainsaw file do I need? Follow There is no such thing as a standard chain-sharpening file, as chain sizes vary from Chainsaw to Chainsaw and there is no standard answer as the file size really depends on the size of your chain. File Size $2. 375] fullskip chain. which the chain its. The size of a chain, is what determines whether it is compatible with your chainsaw. 050" (1. 5/32" (4mm) to sharpen all ¼" and 3/8" low profile chainsaw chains. Always order by the number stamped on the drive link of your old chain to assure correct gauge. The larger the Nov 10, 2020 · Hello tmd3, To determine the right chain we would advised looking at the specs of the chain. Please use the table below to identify which file suits you chain. , Fits 14in. This type of saw chain has the least numbers of teeth and is good for chainsaws with guide bars measuring 24-Inches or more. 050" 25 10" 165700-0 196142-7 45 18" 411-909-660 513-496-064 53 20" 411-910-660 513-496-072 Those bar and chain come lose from the chainsaw and cause serious injury or even death. , 3/8 In. How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain with a File Guide. cab, tandem trailer Ferris IS3100Z 61" L Kaw, Hydrocut 36" 13hp Kaw Contact Us: Diamond Wheel Inc. Suitable Bar Size 20 cm (3 ) 25 cm Oregon 21 45cm Chainsaw Chain 0 Jun 24, 2020 · This sharpener is another inexpensive tool that can get you started and comfortable with sharpening your chainsaw chain. 5mm, you will get a 5. In an effort to prevent these fires from starting, the Oregon Department of Forestry and our partners impose restrictions pertaining to public and work related activities. 050") MultiCut M91VXL - Low Profile 1. 5mm round file. 043 N4C-BL/095-210 095-2107 R43S-1S/095-210 90SG 61PMMC3 357NKD 43RG SC S 3/8" LP 0. Jun 12, 2020 · All chainsaw chains must be sharpened regularly for them to cut well. Quickly and easily sharpen saw chains with this versatile Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. Shut off the engine before setting the chainsaw down. 15 cu. R43S-1S/095-210. They incorporate professional features that utilize the best technology and outstanding designs to perform in the harshest conditions. It features chamfer chisel cutters that offer the speed, precision, and durability of semi chisel chains. 050") - select chain size below Cookies help us deliver a better experience. 0. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman, Oregon Chain Saw Depth Gauge Tool and Flat File Contact Us: Diamond Wheel Inc. permissible engine speed (with bar and chain): 11,500 rpm Idle speed: 2,800 rpm Chainsaw Chain. The most common pitch today is 3/8″ low profile followed by regular 3/8″ pitch. Apr 30, 2017 · If I were putting a new bar and chain on that saw, I'd go 16 or 18" 3/8 pitch . SKU: 440185099. Everything on this saw screams innovation and power. 3. 5 poulan/weed eater 051338 Poulan Pro, 18" Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain; 2 How to Find Best Chainsaw Chain? 2. Chainsaw Chain Sizes. 325 . 3mm), . If you need more information about what type of chain try the chain guide below. Generally speaking a 32 pitch chain uses a 3/16" (4. Semi-chisel cuts slightly slower than full-chisel, but stays sharper much longer. fi le size for yor chain. If the cutter has a pitch of 5. 050") 021 Chainsaw Engine: STIHL single-cylinder two-stroke engine with special impregnated cylinder bore. This chain must match the specifications of the bar, sprocket and chain. 063”. Learn more Chainsaw chains are sized in a very unique way. They function as a team Chain identification chart . For example – a . 5 mm), and a 40 or 50 uses a 1/4" (6. The above definitive discussion of what is chainsaw pitch has definitely cleared the air. 5" Chicago 68862 Pole Saw sold at Harbor freight. 1 Type of chainsaw chain; 2. File Size Bar Type Bar Part # Chain Model Chain Part # 240: 14" 3/8 Mini. In addition, the same model saw may have different size chains factory installed during different production periods, or even the same production period. This electric chainsaw sharpener adjusts to your blade, regardless of make and model, and grinds it to perfection in the blink of an eye. 325 058 gauge; 21LPX Oregon chain . List Price: $14. For woodcutters who use smaller-size saws in high-production environment. Standard sizes are . 3 cm). Size Large: 1 x 1 x 6. Models including: XL, Super 2, XL-2, XL2, 240, Bandit, Little Red, LX130, LX 130 190 200 180. , . It is also a perfect alternative to many of the gas-powered chainsaws. 325 inches (0. com. This is the angled “tooth” on the front of the flat surface of the chain link. 095-2107. Specially heat-treated for maximum stay-sharp Make sure you get the right-sized chainsaw bar and chain saw chain to fit your saw perfectly! To determine the pitch (chain size), you'll need to measure the distance A quick calculator can be incredibly useful if you need to quickly find a   How To Determine File Size For Chainsaw Chain You simply need to locate this number and match it to the corresponding file size listed on the file chart. 404" 5. File Guide and File Depth Gauge Flat File Summary Specifi cations of OREGON® Saw Chain Chain Class S R D G H * J * L * * Determine H, J and L chain fi le by identifying drive link stamps. Be sure that the saw chain stops moving when the throttle control trigger is released. nz Store Hours: 8. Laminated sprocket nose. Bar, Model# T50/91VXL050G Oregon Chain Measuring Chart 533129. This mechanism is much quicker than the traditional manual saw, which is more physically demanding and time-consuming. 5mm) Round 3/8” SquareGroundCutter Taperedor Triangular. Most users report proper chain tension out of the box. Looking for OREGON Saw Chain, 16 In. 325" pitch . 325 pitch chains is a 5/32 (4mm) chainsaw chain file; 3/8 pitch chain is a 3/16 (4. All you need Chainsaw chains will often have markings on t Quick guide on how to find out what size chainsaw chain you need if your bar does not show the guage and pitch. Tel: 06 757 3574 Free Phone: 0800 024 254. My six have lasted 2 years keeping the chains sharp on two saws(six chains total). 30pm Tuesday – Friday (by appointment only) Apr 09, 2012 · Most recommend that Stihl chain be sharpened at 30 degres with a zero offset (90 degrees, or flat across). Chain number conversion These numbers are referred to actual pitches of chains. 050 in Gauge & 55 Drive Links 0. How to sharpen a chainsaw with and without a file. chain gauge. 3 Other factors : What you should also keep in mind! 3 Best Place the depth gauge guide on top of your chain. View as Grid List. If you look at the sides of the chain you will see numbers stamped on the links to indicate the size, or pitch, of the chain. ~. Many thousands of customers use our chainsaw chains worldwide in over 66 countries, making it the most widely used product of its type on the market. 043”, . Oregon Chainsaw Chain Identification Chart Chainsaw File Size Charts The Cutting Professionals. in. Flip the saw around and sharpen the other side. F-250 5. 11 lbs: Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener $ Manual: 16 How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With a File Guide Adjust Your Chainsaw. 99. Related Posts. N4C-BL/095-210. Identify the pitch, gauge or Item Number. Pick how many you would like to order, we offer chainsaw files in packs of 3’s and 12’s. The 3 Necessary Chainsaw Chain Numbers The three necessary numbers for matching chains are: 1. 91PJ056X For replacement part inquiries, please contact our helpline at 1-855-345-3934 or send an email to info@greenworkstools. Mounting the Bar and Chain 17 Tensioning the Chain 18 Checking Chain Tension 19 Fuel 19 Fueling 20 Chain Lubricant 22 Filling Chain Oil Tank 22 Checking Chain Lubrication 24 Fitting the Harness 25 Starting / Stopping the Engine 25 Transporting the Unit 27 Operating Instructions 28 Taking Care of the Guide Bar 29 Cleaning the Air Filter 29 12 Amp 16-in. Carlton Chain features high-quality steel and industrial chrome plating. Carlton Harvester 3/4" Chain HarvesterBars. 95: DRESSING BRICK SMALL: TM1005040: Dressing Brick Stone. Oregon Chain superstore. Dec 31, 2009 · I need to buy a chainsaw chain sharpener. Pitch (1R457)? Grainger's got your back. Carlton cutters are exclusively honed after assembly, which means they cut fast right out of the box. Gauge, and . The re-imagined chain tensioning system, tightens your chain with the twist of a dial, no need to take anything apart to get your chain set properly. 043" gauge helps reduce the weight of the bar-chain combination approximately 15% Always install 90PX chains on a . Number of Links: 70. 30 A wander through the various features that enable you to identify the correct file size to sharpen your chansaw correctly. 050in. The file should also be tilted down about 10°. 90PX - Low Profile - 1. " WHEEL / FILE SIZE WEIGHT; Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder $$ Electric: 3,500 RPM: 5-3/4" 16. in) Bore: 40 mm, (1. The low-kickback design enhances user safety. Buy Oregon 5/32 in. 404" Oregon 26, 27 Micro Chisel Chains . 058; 22BPX Oregon Chain . Chainsaw chains are measured in unique ways. 325 mid size/smaller saws; 3/8 for mid size saws. 043" Drive Link Count: 44 File Size: 11/64" PTX 2700: 20BPX066X For example, a chain saw sold as a 20-inch saw has a 20-inch bar. 015" to. Chainsaw files size chart See full list on stihlusa. 325 and the gauge is . The industry standard for chain gauges are: . " CHAIN GAUGE. Oregon replacement chain for 16" Bar on Stihl MS 170 MS 171 MS 180, or MS 181 saw. 0 bhp) at 9,000 rpm Max. $12. Let’s take a look at the different types of arrangements. Insert the battery, release the chain brake, turn the saw on, and flip the chain brake forward. Chainsaw chains stretch during normal operation and begin to sag on a saw's guide bar. We’ll do our best to help you out. Amazon. UT43103. 4 BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain for CCS818 and NPP2018; 1. 404" Oregon 27P Micro Chisel Chains . The low-vibration full chisel cutters offer top performance while also providing a smooth cutting experience via our patented bent over depth gauge. 25. As a certified STIHL Dealer we carry a complete line of STHIL Chainsaws and power equipment as well as High Quality Replacement Parts, Guide Bars and Replacement Chainsaw Chains for STIHL Chainsaws. Your STIHL servicing dealer has a wide selection of  Nearly all Oregon chainsaw chains are named by a part number made up of a number (indicating the chain's pitch & gauge, i. Gauge. I'd go with a full compliment semi-chisel chain. When fire season goes into effect, some activities in the great outdoors are prone to start fires. measures. 9 7. We are talking here  Each chain pitch is assigned to a specific round file diameter. Categories Chainsaw Chain Selector 792 item Professional Chainsaw Chain. To identify which angle you should aim for, consult the instruction chart included with your filing kit. TriLink offers a complete range of maintenance tools, cuttings accessories, and safety equipment to fit all of your saw chain needs. Number of Links: Chain, Bar, Sprocket selector guide; PowerSharp® One for all mower blade selector guide; Exploded view; PRODUCTS. I was just wondering what you guys prefer on file size or what's right or I normally use 7/32 's but normally I run oregon chain 72 LG or 73 LG  14" 3/8" Extended Pitch . To make counting the drive links easier, lay the chain down on a flat surface and arrange it in such a way that its driver links are aligned directly across from each other. 3mm) Type 73 - 3/8" x . The industry standard for gauges is: . Looking for OREGON Saw Chain, 20 In. mm, Inch. Use the chart below to Identify your file size. 5 kW (2. 325", 3/8," . The products are produced by Blount Inc. 025" depending on the size of the wood being cut, the saw being used, and so on. 043 gauge and 55 drive links. Replaces Stihl PMM3 55 chain. Newer model would be a 72 JGX [guard depth gauge] or 72 JPX [ guard drive link] if its round ground for a round file,which is 7/32". The full skip chain features fewer teeth but the bar is larger (24 inches or more). But chains are not one-size-fits=all. com by clicking this link. bar groove  Maintaining your Chain Saw. The Oregon chainsaw comes with a standard battery, which comes with lithium-ion battery powered chainsaw that is a perfect collaboration of performance as well as idealistic features. ATTENTION: The OREGON® chain shown in this selector guide, *except for A-Series chain, is low-kickback saw chain that meets the reduced kickback performance requirements of ANSI B175. 16" Electric Chainsaw. 3mm. 050ga 59 Drive links. 050: 52: 5/32: Laminate: 596009752: S93G X-Cut: 585422152: 120 MARK II: 16" 3/8 Mini. pocket size tool for quick and easy chain identification. If you find a depth gauge that is higher than the guide, use a flat file or a grinding wheel to file the depth gauge so it is lower than the cutter. 050: 56: 5/32: Laminate: 596009756: S93G X-Cut: 585422156: 130: 14" 3/8 Mini. A semi-chisel or chisel type Oregon chain uses a Y to identify the vibe ban of the chain. At some point the chain will need to be replaced, depending on the frequency of use. e. 95 for Shipping" 2 lbs. Proceed to other teeth on that side. Jun 24, 2020 · This sharpener is another inexpensive tool that can get you started and comfortable with sharpening your chainsaw chain. LM400; NEW - CORDLESS MULTI-ATTACHMENT SYSTEM. Just put your measuring tape at the end of the bar up against the casing and measure straight down the bar all the way to the tip of the blade. 050") 91PJ - Low Profile 1. 404" Oregon 91R Low Profile Ripping Chains 3/8" Oregon 95R Micro-Lite Ripping Chains . Name. 2 Material Used in chainsaw chain; 2. 404" Oregon 59AC Micro-BIT Chains . 050", . Whether you are after 57 drive links, for example, it's easy to pick your Pitch gauge, depth Gauge & Drive Links and order your chain. Toll Free:(800) 328-0303 Fax: (952) 939-8923 Email: diamondwheelinc@aol. Pitch defines the size of the chain. 99 SALE Sale 91PJ062X Oregon 18" full Skip 3/8LP saw chain 952051388 for Echo CS-400 $19. This length is When sharpening this chain, the top-plate filing angle should be 10°- 15°. Herein, a vise or a tabletop clamp can hold the chainsaw down, so it does not shift while you sharpen. Amick's Price: $7. Square ground [chisel bit file] its a 72CJ or CJX [ guard depth gauge] or 72 AJ [guard drive link]. Learn how to perform basic maintenance and repair in our Chainsaw DIY Section. The most common pitch measurements you’ll find on a chainsaw chain are 3 ⁄ 8 inch (0. 3mm (0. 050&quot; (1. Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener; 0. The rakers control how deep a cut each tooth can take and having them properly set is important. To add to the insult, this product was sold through a third party vendor who threatened to charge a 20% restocking fee if the item is returned. The following pages are designed to help you find the tools you need to service your cutting attachments and learn how to use them. 043" gauge Double Guard bar (MLE part numbers) to obtain all the advantages of the Micro-Lite system Oregon 20LPX072CK 18 Inch . 30 $25. 1/4" 4. This is as much part of using a chain saw as the wood you're operating on. 5mm) Type 22 - . DWO1DT612. We offer super abrasive cbn chainsaw sharpening wheels for Oregon, Timbertuff, Northern, Tecomec, Jolly, Efco, Foley, Stihl Sharpeners. 050," . 3/ 8" LP. There are several different types of chain, some of which are better for different purposes than others. Chain Type. Once you know the make, model, and bar length, there are some other features you need to know,  A dull chain will quickly tire you out and add unnecessary strain on your chainsaw. How to Rebuild a Stihl MS 200T Carburetor Part: chain tensioner screw and bar adjusting nut/pin Part # 429638 and 425672 Condition: good used/working shape Fits: Pioneer Farm saw, P-41, P-50, P-51 and some other models View $7. Use extreme caution when cutting small size brush and saplings because slender The 10" chainsaw chain has a 3/8" pitch and has a gauge of 0. Introducing the all new EGO POWER + 18” Chain Saw. 050"; Chainsaw Pitch 3/8"; Length 100'; Type Semi-Chisel Standard Chain, Bar, Sprocket selector guide; PowerSharp® One for all mower blade selector guide; Exploded view; PRODUCTS. Type 25. Pitch: 3/8" Gauge: . The Y on a chainsaw chain identifies a feature of the chainsaw chain manufactured by Oregon Industries. View and Download Black & Decker Chain Saw manual online. 14" Electric Chainsaw. Part# 91PX033 X or G package. 18in. Thanks for the reminder (and the idea of doing all of one set at one time). 058; 21LGX Pro . Watchespn: live sports, game replays, video highlights. Since 1979 Premium Saw Chain have been delivering the replacement chainsaw chains and chainsaw accessories throughout the UK | Chain Number Conversion Chain Pitch. 1mm) Type 91 - 3/8" x . 325 pitch. With QuickStart™ technology you can rev up and get right to cutting, and the professional-grade die-cast chassis is made to stand the test of time. Position the file on a tooth. 5-7. 10 in) Power output to ISO 7293: 1. We are talking here about Pitch and g Husqvarna 501842145 Chainsaw Chain 36 (91Vg) 45E A low-vibration and low kickback chain with Chamfer Chisel cutters. 8mm, and the 5. 325 mid size/smaller saws . 16. The Chamfer Chisel cutters' twin cutting corners offer outstanding performance. 2 cm3 (2. 56 DL Chain Type . , Model# 25896 Size (115) Only $ 39. 325 - GAUGE: . Silverstreak. 3mm) 25F Sculptor Carving; 3/8" Pitch Chains . I can be confusing but if you always check before you sharpen you won`t get it wrong! Later I will have a blog on using The EGO 14" chain saw chain is the only chain we recommended for use with the EGO POWER+ 14-inch Chain Saw (CS1400 models). 063; 25AP carving chain 1/4" & BARS; 27R RipCut 404 pitch . We carry a wide variety of Chainsaw Grinding wheels in various sizes to fit many different chainsaw sharpening machines. 16" Oregon Chainsaw Bar Guard Cover Scabbard Bar And Chain Pitch And Gauge Measuring Tool A. 058" and . 0 mm) Professional Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Round Files to Sharpen 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch Low Profile Saw Chains, 12 Pack (70504) 4. Chainsaw chain tension should be checked and tightened often. Consumers who purchase two-stroke gasoline powered Husqvarna branded handheld products for non-income producing personal use or household purposes, excluding commercial, agricultural, retail, industrial and rental usage types, can extend their product warranty from the standard 2 years up to a 5 year limited warranty Chainsaw chains vary greatly in size and application. Electric Chainsaw sharpeners, manual chainsaw sharpeners, the possibilities are endless. Home; Selectors; Chainsaw Chain Selector; Chainsaw Chain Selector. au or call us on 03 5303 0263 . 5/32. 7 out of 5 stars 541 $24. Back in 1978 and '79, MOTHER EARTH NEWS published an extensive two-part excerpt (see MOTHER EARTH NEWS issues 54 Oregon 084MLEA041 8" (20cm) MicroLite Chainsaw Chain Guide Bar. 050" gauge, making it perfect for a variety of wood-cutting applications. In order to sharpen the chainsaw, you must find a good spot to clamp it down. 050 - BAR LENGTH: 18" - DRIVE LINKS: 72 - DRIVE TEETH: 7 Oregon 27856 14-Inch Guide Bar and AdvanceCut S52 Chainsaw Chain Combo, Fits Echo, Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan and More 4. Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC (OOCEP) is an upstream Oil & Gas company based in the Sultanate of Oman. 050" A simpler way to look at it is pitch measures the size of the chain, it will be one of 5 measurements. Oregon Chainsaw Chains OREGON®- the world leader in saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, and sharpening tools for chainsaws. 5 cm), then the pitch would be this measurement divided by 2, or 1 ⁄ 2 inch (1. 35 degees will cut faster but also dull faster. 325 semi chisel and flew through the 14" pine trees I was cutting, on this occasion I made in region of 50 cuts working for around 2. 10" Archer Chainsaw Saw Chain Remington 108526-01 Dressing Brick Stone. 063; 22LGX Pro . The chain on the saw must be tightened as well. Shindaiwa's professional-grade chain saws designed for high-performance, easy handling, and long-lasting durability. They are ideal for milling timber that is to be used for building because it produces smooth planks. Oregon 10-in AdvanceCut Saw Chain Jan 20, 2020 · Chainsaw chains come in one of several pitch sizes such as ¼”, . Place the saw in a vise. The actual measurement is from the spot where the bar exits the saw’s casing to the tip of the bar. These files can either flat files or round files depending on the cutter you are sharpening. com offers both 3/4" Carlton Harvester Chain and 404 Carlton Harvester Chain. 12 in. Oregon Chainsaw Chain Types Oregon Chainsaw Chains. File, 40 Drive Links, S40. 0 mm) Professional Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Round Files to Sharpen 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch Low Profile Saw Chains, 12 Pack (70504) 10. UT10660. Husqvarna. Take the rakers down after 3 to 5 sharpenings on the chain, using a crosscut flat file. Pitch. Use our chainsaw files size chart and order the right files for your chain. 063") cauge. 00am – 4. 8. Our durable 16 in. 6mm) OREGON® chain gauges of . This unit is built with the user in mind eliminating the inconvenience of priming and knowing when it is time to refill with the built in window. OREGON CORDLESS 40 Volt MAX CS250-S6 Chain Saw. 063". gauge narrow kerf cutting systems increase efficiency since they need less power from the saw than standard cutting systems. Oregon 91PX chain is for homeowners and occasional users who want a low-vibration and low-kickback saw chain. 043. This 20", 3/8" pitch saw chain fits saws made by Cub Cadet®, Husqvarna® and Poulan®. The vibe ban of a chain signifies how much that chain will vibrate when cutting. 5mm) Type 75 - 3/8" x . I've "been there" dozens of times. Oregon 72DP, 73DP, 75DP Semi Chisel Chains 3/8" Oregon 58L, 59L Super Guard Chains . 25, 91. 404″. One depth gauge will protrude from the slot at a time. Before matching chain types and features, knowing the 3 necessary numbers is most important. 1/4 is the smallest size chain; 3/8 lo pro (also called ’91’ by Oregon and ‘Picco’ by Stihl) for smallest saws. See full list on homedepot. Most attribute this to the higher chain speeds these sprockets produce, but this is not the whole story. Regular price $11. 2 x 200 mm Note and compare Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. Drive Link Stamp File Chain Types 91 Low Size Profi le™ 90 Micro Lite™ 72 V 95 VP 33SL 20BPX 34SL 21BPX 35SL 22BPX Here at Lil' Red Barn, we think it should be easy to reference your current chain to other brands. Please use the table below to identify which file suits you chain. 043" Gauge 45 Drive Link Saw Chain Narrow . 5 lbs: Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 3/16" Carbide Cutter $$ Manual: N/A: 3/16" 2 lbs: Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener $ Electric: 4,200 RPM: 4-1/4" 4. Carlton has several gauges for hand-held chain saws – such as, . Chain drive-link Chain Pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets, divided by two. 050”, . com Oregon S55 Saw Chain, 16 in. The replacement chain is manufactured by OREGON® (90PX052X), and is a component of OREGON®'s Micro-Lite Narrow-Kerf cutting system. Forester Non-Safety Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain - 1/4" Pitch - . Initially having operated as a 16" Chainsaw Chain 3/8LP-043-55DL rep. 050; 20LGX Pro . We explain simple steps for how to tension a Aug 27, 2019 · Chain arrangement makes a difference in the safety of operation as well as how the chainsaw cuts. Chain gauge is the drive link’s thickness where it fits into the guide-bar groove. '91' by Oregon and 'Picco' by Stihl) for smallest saws . Poulan pro 16" replacement chainsaw chain Although this product is listed as a replacement for Poulan 16" chaisaws, it did not fit my Poulan 16" model #PLN3516F. 050") 91VXL - Low Profile 1. Sarp. Oct 16, 2020 · Although you will have to remove the chain from the chainsaw to use the Oregon 520-120 once you get going you’re going to fly through the job and wind up saving a lot of time. 16in. UT43122. i know the type of or anywhere that has the file size and usage table for my chain. The following OREGON® products are available for sharpening chain cutters. Oregon®chain pitches are: 1/4," . Sep 23, 2019 · For example, if the distance between 3 consecutive rivets on your chainsaw chain is 1 inch (2. A robust, all-round model with low weight, equipped with OxyPower engine for more power, lower emission levels and lower fuel consumption. Mfr #: D70. 050 N1C-BL/095-310 095-3107 R50S-1S 91VG/91PX 63PMC3/63PM1 357D 50RG You have a Oregon 3/8 [. 4 Sprocket Nose Laminated 1. 5mm) chainsaw chain file; Now that you have the correct size file, it’s time to sharpen the chainsaw chain. 91PJ033X Replacement saw Chain for 9. Three additional points: 1) Make sure you have the correct file for your chain - there are at least three sizes. RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners and value-conscious professionals. E1. See the chain-pitch-and-gauge chart below. The size of the wood chip will decrease as the chain gets duller until it becomes more like a powder than a chip. Oregon. This type of chain arrangement is extremely efficient for cutting. Let’s turn our attention to chain sizes next. Normal wear can make it difficult to accurately measure chain gauge on a worn chain. Oregon MicroLite® guide bars are specifically designed for the occasional or home user, where weight and low-kickback is important. Sabre. Oregon Chainsaw Chains . Click to add item "Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain" to the compare list Compare Click to add item "Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain" to the compare list Add To List Click to add item Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain to your list Oregon 556418 chainsaw chain tool checks Pitch and Gauge on bar and file size $7. Your chainsaw is only as good as your chain, guide bar, and sprocket. Saw Chain, 20 In. To accurately measure this lay your chain out and using a rule, take the distance over 3 rivets in inches and divide this by 2. How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain with a Round File. Once you have this number, you can match it to the file size that is listed on the file chart for the chain. 61PMMC3. 28 Mar 2018 What Tools Are Required For Sharpening a Chain Saw? number, you can match it to the file size that is listed on the file chart for the chain. 404 There is a lot of confusion out there because of the sharpening round file sizes and the thickness of a sharpening grinding wheel. Don't file at a down sloping angle, hold your hand steady when you push the file across the raker. com Jun 19, 2019 · This chain moves at rapid speeds, enabling it to cut through wood at lightning speeds. 5/32 or 7/32. 5mm files. Carlton. com Jun 06, 2009 · Judging from the size of that saw (242) and owning husqvarna in the past, I'd saw that chain is a 0. 24. 3mm) Type 21 - . 5 cu. The most important parts on a chain saw are the chain and the bar. Before choosing a chainsaw sharpener, you must check its compatibility against your chainsaw. Price $24. inches. Buy Oregon Chainsaw Chain Direct and save. Nearly all Oregon chainsaw chains are named by a part number made up of a number (indicating the chain's pitch & gauge, i. NEW Fits smaller Homelite saws equipped with 3/8 low profile chain. Email: info@mcop. com A chain’s drive links are the part of the chain that slide around the bar groove, allowing the chain to cling to the body of the chainsaw. 043" (1. 27 $35. If you are into light tasks, go for chains with a smaller pitch and vice versa. These OREGON® chains are available at hardware stores and home centers. You're currently reading 20BPX Oregon chain . Pitch, File Size: 7/32 in. 050; 21BPX Oregon chain . com The chainsaw is nothing else a steel bar unless there have teeth. 0MM X 8" Oregon 1/4 . To properly file and sharpen the teeth on a Stihl chainsaw chain, you will need to get the pitch of the chain. 1 Powerhead + 4 Attachments; Powerhead Oct 05, 2020 · Note: Typical sizes for the chain are 3⁄16 inch (4. 15\" (4mm) diameter saw chain files; Removes more metal faster than other files; Consistent hardness   Oregon Chainsaw Chain Scale Reference Guide Chart Defines Type Pitch Chainsaw Chain Scale drive link measuring chart for workbench, Oregon 533129   Hello people, i have a small chainsaw, Husqvarna 135. SC. , 3/8 Low Profile Pitch,. Low Profile x 0. 063" (1. Do not operate a chain saw that is damaged, improperly adjusted, or not completely and securely assembled. 6 Dean Place New Plymouth, New Zealand. Table for selecting the file; Diligently clean your chain. Your chainsaw’s diameter requirements can be found in the operating manual or by using the chain identification number found on the drive link ChainPitchType File FileProfile 1/4” 5/32”(4. Oregon 5/32-Inch (4. . The depth gauge height is different on this chain, too. Type 90. 043 Gauge Chain Made By Pro-Kut for MS170 & MS180 Stihl Chainsaws. 325 Super Chisel Chainsaw Chain for Echo - PITCH: . We sell replacement chains for most brands of chain saw. Prevent human-caused wildfires. You might wonder why the Oregon 510-120 bench saw chain grinder and the Oregon 410-120 are popular choices; this is because they are easily adjustable and compatible with most chainsaws. Chain might have several kind of information on it. Length is Chain & Bar Selector Chart. If you can’t ind it there, consult your owner’s manual or call 800-233-6499 for • proile chain will tend to jump off a standard • • cutting, causing injury or chain breakage. Information from the chain. I have looked at all the charts and must be  Oregon 91vxl062g 3 8 Pitch 62dl Chainsaw Chain . The Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder is a top of the range chainsaw sharpener. If your chain’s drive links have the wrong gauge, they will either be too big or too small for the bar groove. 4 mm). or Less Flat $9. Pitch (22F041)? Grainger's got your back. 27 STIH) Sharpening STIHL Saw Chains 2012-10 0457-181-0121_02. Go-Kart-Saw Chain-Saw Bars Roto Tiller-Oil & Air Filters Commercial Parts "Flat $6. Chainsaw professionals all over the world depend on Oregon saw chain for outstanding, rugged performance. Same chain fit also as R55 packaged chain. HOME; NEW - PowerCut 70-series EXL; NEW - 19HX CHAIN. Wizmo's Work Bench (How To Videos and Tips) How to Pressure/Vacuum test your saw; How to Clean Your Air Filter. 043 in. 063. GRANBERG’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO RIPPING CHAIN May 17, 2019 · The full house saw chain is common on all guide bars that are up to 24 inches long. 050 gauge. Made from the finest steel. 325" pitch chainsaw chain which has 1,6 mm (0. In picture above you can see a Stihl guide Bar that is 45 cm (18") long. 080" and . These cutters are durable, easy to maintain and forgiving. 058” and . Help us improve our product images. Price $19. Original Husqvarna! Please use the quick reference guide below to find the correct replacement Chain and Bar for your Husqvarna Chainsaw. . Displacement: 35. 4 best chainsaw files on the market: Oregon 5/32-Inch Chainsaw File – 2 Pack  B. 8 mm), 5⁄32 inch (4. Also for: Gk1730, Gk1930t, Gk1935t, Gk1940t, Gk2040t. Chainsaw chain identification to select file size youtube. 70. 6 mm) in diameter. The D72 AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain is the ideal low kickback chain for occasional and commercial chainsaw users. For Models: 316E, 334T, 335 XPT, 338 XPT, 323P4, 325P4, 326P4, 326P5x, 327P5x, 335XPT, and T435 May 27, 2019 · The STIHL Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps are another incredible piece of safety gear made to keep your legs tucked away safely from the sharp rotations of any chainsaw. Would of thought it is the same as oregon 91, Oregon make most of husky's chain at the  Identifying a chain, guide bar and sprocket on a chainsaw can be tricky. Sprocket Size & Chain "Throwing" Most pro saw users know from experience that derailing or "throwing" a chain occurs more often when running large diameter sprockets. 99 View. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Stihl. Oregon File Guide with Saw Chain File, 3/16" Round Part# 25896 Oregon File Guide with Saw Chain File, 7/32" Round Part# 25892 File Guide with File, 5/32" Part# 25894 Chainsaw File Size. 8 mm) file, a 38 pitch uses a 7/32" (5. 404” 7/32”(5. This chain is 3/8 low profile . 5mm), . 5. Is your dull chain saw blade burning and bucking its way through the wood? and hardware stores have charts to match this number with the right file diameter. Clark Forest. 325" Oregon M21LPX, M22LPX All chainsaw chains have these 5 parts, however there are variations to them, and these variations determine the size and type of the chain. Longer Life, Greater Value, Outstanding Endurance XL Saw Chain. Built for Your Toughest Day; 19HX – Chamfer Chisel; SpeedMax XL Guide Bar. Chain pitch must match the drive system on the saw and, if applicable, the guide bar nose sprocket. Blue Max 5655 Electric Craftsman Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar, Fits Echo CS-400, CS-310, CS-352 and CS-370, Poulan 2150 and 3816, Details. 16 in. Increase your chainsaw performance with a new chain. Pitch, gauge and length are all areas that need to be looked at before selecting the chain. Item: Replacement Saw Chain. 1. 50 SALE efco Chain P/N: Chain Description: efco Model #: 001001599R: For bar part # 63090055R. Jun 18, 2014 · Archer Chainsaw Chain & Chainsaw Guide Bar Review - In Use A new chain always cuts very well, and this archer chain was no exception, the chain is a . 404," and 3/4. 050 N1C-BL/095-310 095-3107 R50S-1S 91VG/91PX 63PMC3/63PM1 357D 50RG This chart makes no comment whatsoever regarding the safety or suitability for any particular purpose of ANY saw chain. There is a number marked on the side of the cutter of your chain, which is known as your chain type. 043," . To determine chain pitch, measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets and divide by two. This low-vibration chain is designed to cut smooth and fast with minimum kickback. 8mm) chainsaw chain file; 404 pitch chain is a 7/32 (5. Chain Gauge is the Drive Link’s thickness where it fits into the bar groove. Chain Saw chainsaw pdf manual download. This chainsaw teeth sharpener makes it easy to sharpen your chainsaw in no time at all. pitch chain that is ideal for landscapers and homeowners using small, low powered saws. Chainsaw chain sharpening and rakers and how to set them has come up here before. Oregon X-Grind Chainsaw Chain — Long Top Plate, 3/8in. 0mm) Round 3/8 ”5 2 (4. Now you can! Just use our easy to read chainsaw chain reference conversion chart below and you too can quickly decipher and reference your chain part number. Oregon Chain 23577 2 Pack 5/32" Chainsaw File Two 0. The RM4216 Rebel™ chainsaw has an adjustable automatic oiler that keeps the chain in precision condition, while the die-cast chassis and pro-grade components make this Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar, Fits Echo CS-400, CS-310, CS-352 and CS-370, Poulan 2150 and 3816, Makita RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools and outdoor products truly affordable. 95 $14. UT10680 Oregon 160DGEA061 Chainsaw Bar. 29 $ 24 . Does anyone know of a chart that has the recommended file size for the old obsolete Oregon chain like 1/2 and 9/16 pitch? 1/4 inch for 1/2pitch, 9/32 for 9/16 pitch Homelite Manuals, IPL's, and other literature to share. Chainsaw File Guide with Files, 25894 at Tractor Supply Co. 95 cm) and . Stihl*. 050: 56: 5/32: Laminate: 596009756: S93G X-Cut: 585422156: 120 MARK II: 14" 3/8 Mini. 325" 4. 404" Rim Sprocket; NEW - LM400 LAWNMOWER. RK. Sharpening the saw chain "STIHL offers the right tools for everyone wanting to service a cutting attachment. does not show up on the only two chain identification charts i can find. Designed with big jobs in mind, the RM4620 Outlaw™ chainsaw comes with a gas powered 46cc engine and 20-inch bar and chain, so it can fell large trees and manage even extensive storm damage. Use only special saw chain sharpening files. mm. More Information about Saw Chains The pitch of a chainsaw chain is calculated by measuring the length of three consecutive rivets, then dividing by two. 8mm) Round 3/8” 13/64”(5. File the tooth. According to it, select the proper round file from the table below. 325" x . 1 (US), and CSA Z62 (Canada). 2. It is really important that you remove all of the wear. The gauge of the chain and the gauge of the bar must match. OREGON® Type 25 - 1/4" x . Step 3: Adjust the Depth. McCulloch. This Chainsaw Sharpening Guide will help you sort through the choices. 42cc Chainsaw. 57 in) Stroke: 28 mm, 32 mm (1. Pitch Carlton ® has several gauges for hand-held chain saws - such as, . 325" Oregon 72RD, 73RD, 75RD S70 Ripping Chains 3/8" Oregon 27R Micro-Chisel Ripping Chains . Be careful not to file the depth gauge lower than the setting. File sizes to fit all OREGON® chain are available. $17. 122" (3. 29 $35. 1mm (0. The most common way is to hand-file which can take 15 minutes or more to do. 058" gauge and requires a 3/16" round file. Was looking at an Oregon 511AX but when on the Oregon website I saw a new product, 520-120. The Chart below lists all of the sizes we offer and can be useful for determining which wheels you need. Chainsaw Chain Cross Reference Chart; Account. The selector will ask several questions. #Step 3. 1 when tested on a representative sample of chainsaws. Inch. Drive links will have a (90) stamped on them on Oregon. Chains can be purchased in pre-cut lengths or in rolls of 100 feet. Carlton Harvester Chains are designed to withstand the punishing demands of sustained, high-speed applications. Recommended for professional use on saws up to 45cc. 5 mm) Chain Gauge. 043". The gauge of a chain is the width of one drive link. 058" (1. Chainsaw features a powerful motor helping the user manage tough cuts. Sharpens with If I run a file brush over them after every chain they continue to sharpen very well. 5 mm , the 3/16 is too big. 14in. Filing chart and instructions on the back of the package helps to file chain properly. It runs on . 49 $25. Click to add item "Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain" to the compare list Compare Click to add item "Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain" to the compare list Add To List Click to add item Oregon® SpeedCut™ 18" 72-Link Chainsaw Chain to your list In order to do this, you will need to know the length of both the chainsaw blade as well as the length and size of your chain. Most likely it will read the brand of the chain, like Stihl, Oregon or Carlton. Full Skip Chain. 3/8&quot; LP (9. Chainsaw Replacement Chain. Quick and easy to start, featuring Soft Start, purge and integrated choke/stop controls. I have a full skip chain on my Huskiy 288 xp lite and am having a hard time identifying the chain. If the size isn’t correct, it won’t be secure. 10 8. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Chain Grinder Sharpener; 0. , a company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and they are manufactured in the US, Brazil, China and Canada. File Size. Dezember 2012 11:50 11 STIHL Guide Bar & Saw Chain Selector This tool will help narrow your choices for STIHL Guide Bars and Saw Chains. 404” Super,SquareGroundCutter Taperedor Triangular DepthGaugeFile Flat FilingGauge 1=85°s igh tn ed f o r Mc™ u ( R ,C PN ) Carlton A1 72 Link Chainsaw Saw Chain is made from Nickel Alloy Steel that has been industrial chrome plated even on the drive links. You can only use this specific file for sharpening your chainsaw, or your chain will be spoiled and unable to restore. oregon chainsaw chain file size chart

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